Thursday, April 14, 2011

Study finds recent Mexican immigrants are healthier than the average American

"Becoming American"

I recently watched a video in my Health Psychology class in which the topic of discussion was the health of Mexican immigrants compared to that of average American's.  A study found that recent Mexican immigrants have higher mortality rates, lower risks for chronic diseases, and better overall mental health.  I found this study to be very intriguing because Mexican immigrants tend to be of lower socioeconomic status, less educated, and must deal with the stress of immigrating to a new country.  I discovered that the reason for this "Latino paradox" is associated with the tight family communities and social networks that Mexican immigrants uphold inside the U.S.  The video also discusses how their health begins to deteriorate after only 5 years spent in the U.S.  After watching the video I began to wonder about the importance of social health and how I may be taking it for granted.  I also realized how quickly American culture and compliance can affect a population.  I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts or maybe experiences pertaining to this study, and I've attached a link to a written portion of the video for more detail.

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